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Cost of living concerning you and your friends?

April 07, 2022

If you have friends who aren't yet members of the Toy Library - now is a great time to invite them to join! We can all see that the cost of living is continuing to increase, and families are finding they need to cut back their budgets. A Toy Library can really help with the family budget - helping to cut out spending on toys, games, puzzles and more, while also continuing to keep the kids entertained with age-appropriate toys.

Need more convincing?

The ABC recently published a fantastic article on a toy library in Townsville, with Toy Library members saying:

“I pretty much just got sick of buying toys. There’s not a whole lot of disposable income for us to spend on stuff that’s not going to be used all the time. In the last 12 months, it says that I’ve saved approximately $5,000 just with borrowing toys. We’ll get board games, puzzles, there are some beautiful wooden toys – really expensive wooden toys – that we probably wouldn’t be able to afford to purchase normally. It’s made a huge difference for us … and it’s really supported a whole lifestyle shift.” Melissa Beeton

“They get sick of toys so quickly that it’s really exciting each month for them to get a new batch of toys, and also to learn that we don’t need to keep everything – we can borrow things and then give them back. Waste is a huge issue at the moment, and most toys now are made of plastics and degrade and break down into microplastics that damage the environment and particularly the ocean. And of course, manufacturing toys and transporting them all over the world … contributes to fossil fuel emissions. So in a small way, I guess this helps to offset that and not drive more and more demand for them.” Stephanie Duce

Don’t forget!

If you do refer a friend, get them to fill out the referral card so you get one free month’s membership too!

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