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Member Responsibilities

Getting involved for the good of everyone

We are a community Toy Library. We rely on the cooperation of all members to operate the borrowing sessions, look after the toy collection and to raise funds for all our needs.

All members are required to share volunteer duties at the Toy Library and are asked to assist where they can with fundraising events, toy maintenance sessions and our annual stock take.


Rostered Session Duty

Session Duty is for 4x 90 minute sessions (6 hours in total) per year.

Whilst rostered hours can be completed by any family member, employee or friend, it is helpful if the person who usually returns/borrows the toys also helps for at least part of the time so that they become familiar with the toy library systems. Children are welcome during any duty time.

If you have any concerns, please speak to our session leader.
Some ideas to consider:
You might like to choose a tandem shift with your partner, parent or friend, to fulfil your commitment quickly.
Do three hours in a row on a Saturday twice a year.

Alternatives to Session Duty


For some members it is not possible to undertake your duties and therefore you have the option of taking out a non-duty membership. This involves paying a non-duty levy of $120 per year. This is in addition to your membership fees.


Join a Sub-committee for the Toy Library! Fundraising, Maintenance and Marketing have loads of work to do and we always need more hands. Speak to our Session Leader about what you could do out of hours instead of duty but is just as helpful.

cleaningToy Cleaning & Maintenance

All members need to keep the toys clean and in good order. A guide to cleaning is available from the Toy Library front desk or here. Please alert our Library Coordinator to any missing pieces, breakages or wear and tear that need to be addressed.

We undertake group maintenance evenings (approx. one every few months). Member participation in these sessions helps to keep the existing toys out on the shelves and not hidden away awaiting repair! It also speeds up the processing of new toys for the library.

Fundraising Events

We undertake a number of events across the year where you can also help out, such as BBQs, as an alternative to roster duty in the Toy Library.

How fees are used

Membership fees are combined with fundraising monies to cover the running costs of the Toy Library. This includes employment of our session leaders, all utilities and the continued purchase of new toys.