supporting families with the tools for play


Borrowing our toys is so simple it's child's play!

Happy kid playing with toy airplaneEach child covered by the membership is entitled to borrow three items:- two toys, and one puzzle/game. In addition, each family can borrow 2 toys. Therefore a family with one child can borrow 5 items in total. A family with two children can borrow 8 items.

Occasionally these borrowing entitlements may be altered, depending on demand. Family Day Care Providers and groups are entitled to more toys depending on how much they pay in fees. We invite you to explore our toys with your children. We look forward to seeing you and your little ones. Happy Play Time!

Borrowing Period

The items are borrowed for a three week period, with a one week grace period. Toys returned beyond this time frame incur late fines. The toys may be returned early, and members can visit and borrow as often as they wish.

Returning Toys

All toys and storage bags or boxes must be cleaned by the borrower before they are returned.

In order to keep toys in good working order and usable, a $3 fine will be charged for each lost item/piece from a toy.

If the lost item is subsequently found, please return it to the Library and you will receive a $2 cash refund.

Toy pieces which are lost usually turn up in a week or two, so don’t panic. We all have the occasional lapse, but please count pieces before returning to the library so that you can look for anything missing. You will not have to pay for damage caused by normal wear and tear but we do need you to report any problems.

Larger losses or damage will be dealt with individually. Damage caused by inappropriate use will require some compensation.