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AGM Wrap-up

September 01, 2023

Last week we held our 2023 Annual General Meeting, where we discussed the wins and challenges of the past year, elected our new committee, and passed some Special resolutions relating to our Fee structure.

We are so proud of how far the Toy Library has come in the past 12 months, it has been a pleasure to witness the library finally reaching the milestone goal of 200 members late last year and now we are close to a groundbreaking 250 members!
Our toy collection is now sitting at over 2700 toys and we are processing more every week.

The year hasn’t been without its challenges as we have faced Rent & Insurance increases, along with the general cost-of-living increases that we are all experiencing.

Meet your new Committee members!

At the AGM we voted in. our new committee for 2023/2024, so please meet:

President: (interim until filled) Renate Axford

Vice President: Kerry Lichtblau

Treasurer: Nicola Scott

Secretary: Amanda Chan

Toy Purchasing Officer: Emma Draper

Grants Officer: Sara Gross

Party Pack Officer: Sheryl Siekerka

MCH & Social media: Jen Bermundo

Membership Officer: Aviva Israel

Sustainability Officer: Leanne Lee-Ack

In addition to filling the President role, we do have three further unfilled positions that are available still:

  • Marketing Officer: We’re experiencing some great growth in member numbers, but would love to hit our next membership milestone! Help us with some local and digital marketing strategies to increase awareness of the Toy Library.
  • Fundraising Officer: Oversee our Bunnings BBQ, Farmer’s Market & Grill’d fundraising events, and find other opportunities for fundraising or sponsorship.
  • IT Officer: Review and stay on top of the Toy Library’s tech setup to ensure continued efficiencies in our systems.

Please reach out to Megan and Emma the next time you are in the library if you are interested in any of the available roles (or in joining the general Committee), or email moortoylib@gmail.com if you are interested.

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