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What is a toy library?

At a toy library you can borrow from a vast array of well-made toys that have been designed to support your child’s skill development and imagination.

Toy libraries aim to support families and encourage togetherness with quality time spent playing with children. ​

These are some of the main features you can expect from a toy library:

  • Provide quality educational items for loan.
  • Are inexpensive (usually an annual subscription is charged).
  • Cater for children of all ages, principally for the 0-12 age group.
  • Have a range of items covering all stages of growth and development.
  • Provide an opportunity to meet other caregivers to share concerns, interact with others and make new friends.
  • Help parents and carers learn about the ages and stages of child development. ​

Check out the video!

Toy Libraries Australia have prepared this fantastic overview of what toy libraries are all about

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