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Glen Eira Community Grant winners!

November 16, 2022

Recently we were awarded a community grant of $3000 by Glen Eira City Council to expand our collection of large active play toys.

The toys and equipment purchased with this grant will encourage children to play outdoors and develop physical skills, gross motor skills and improve general health and wellbeing.

Regular physical activity is good for everyone – but it’s particularly important for young children. The first five years of their life are the most important years for a child’s growth and development. It’s during this time that they’ll develop the habits that they’ll take with them into adulthood.

Benefits of regular physical activity

  • Healthy growth and development
  • Building strong hearts, muscles and bones
  • Learning fundamental movement skills
  • Improved movement, balance, coordination and reaction time
  • Increased mental wellbeing
  • Improved social skills, self-esteem and confidence

We have already added lots of new toys and equipment to our collection thanks to this grant, here’s a sneak peek at a few below:

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