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New Toys thanks to City of Kingston!

May 09, 2023

Many thanks to the City of Kingston for their generous support of our Toy Library through their Community grants, allowing us to add a number of new toys to our collection under the theme of 'Learning through Play'.

Our aim with this grant was to grow our collection of toys that focus on literacy and numeracy, to assist us in supporting the wellbeing and learning of member children and families.

Our volunteer committee strives to continually improve our collection and our service to ensure that we are supporting our members in ways that align with their changing needs.

Providing the tools to empower children to learn key literacy and numeracy skills through play immediately associates learning with fun and enhances their confidence, self esteem and general wellbeing.

Our ‘Toys to Support Learning through Play’ project focuses on providing new toys that support enhanced learning outcomes for diverse developmental levels and abilities, enabling families to access high quality tools for play at a low cost that are a vital component a child’s development.

Educational toys are designed to stimulate children’s minds and advance their learning, without them even realising! These tools for play help children to build skills necessary for critical thinking, problem solving and conflict resolution, and develop memory retention, motor skills, co-ordination, creativity, strategic thinking and self confidence. Educational toys inspire play that lays the critical learning foundations which will be built upon through more formal education platforms later in life.

Check out a selection of our new toy in the Gallery below!


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