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Click & Collect is back

September 01, 2021

Read on for more details of how it works, and what is happening with your membership during lockdown

Click and Collect is on every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning until lockdown ends. Here’s some things to remember:

1. There are no overdue fees right now
Not everyone is able to make it to Click and Collect due to distance or health concerns. There are no penalties for late toys until we are convinced that we can open and stay open for everyone. If you get an automated email telling you your toys are due back, use this as a prompt to book Click and Collect as your children may be ready to swap toys. Do not worry that you will be charged late fees.

However, if your toys are more than six weeks overdue, please contact us to let us know to renew them or to help you organise a swap for some fresh toys. We don’t want you missing out!

2. Rosters
If you are rostered on and we are in lockdown, you are not expected to attend. Please rebook your volunteering for a few weeks ahead when we hope to be back open. The roster can’t be empty when we do get permission to reopen, or we won’t actually be able to reopen, so we appreciate you being ready to go!

3. Click and Collect
Please keep as close to your time as possible. The times are designed so that you are not bumping into each other. If someone is there, please wait for them to finish before picking up your toys. Use the QR Code and wear your mask too!

4. Missed appointments
Sometimes you can’t make it – we know that small children and lockdown life is unpredictable. But please email ASAP so we know what to do with your toys. We can wait for you if we know you’re just late, and can reschedule if necessary.

5. Outside the 5km but want to swap toys?
Please email us so we can make arrangements for a contactless delivery and pickup.

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