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Click & Collect is back

September 01, 2021

Read on for more details of how it works, and what is happening with your membership during lockdown

Click and Collect is on every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning until further notice.

You can book toys for the Click and Collect service through SETLS, our online toy library system. To make things easy, we’ve created a short ‘How To’ video. Once you choose your collection time, here’s a step-by-step guide to ensuring your Click and Collect experience runs smoothly!

Step 1: Check your membership level

An important part of making Click and Collect run smoothly is booking the right number of toys for your membership level! The membership categories are listed above, and you can find your membership category on your member page when you log into SETLS, our online toy library system.

If you order too many toys we will need to pick random toys to leave behind! Please choose carefully. If you want to upgrade your membership to the next level, please contact us. By upgrading your membership, you can choose a couple of extra toys each time so the kids won’t be disappointed.

Step 2. Pick the right toys for your child

Choosing age-appropriate toys will help your kids engage with a toy for longer, and reduces the chance of them being disappointed or frustrated when a toy is too advanced for them. Almost all our toys are labelled with suggested age ranges in the online toy library ststem, so make sure you filter before searching and booking.

Step 3. Cleaning your toys properly before you return them

We can only operate Click and Collect if everyone cleans their toys properly before returning them, including the bags and boxes. If toys are returned dirty, we will need to introduce a cleaning fee or reduce the number of sessions we run.

Here’s a copy of our Cleaning Guide, and don’t forget you can always get the kids to help! As the weather warms up it’s a great way to introduce some fun water play with some soap bubbles. The plastic ride ons are lots of fun to practise on – just watch for toys with batteries and follow the cleaning instructions we include on the toy labels.

And of course, don’t forget that prevention is better than cure! Keep paint, pens, pencils and textas away from Toy Library toys so you don’t have to spend time cleaning scribbles, and pack away the boxes and bags until you are ready to return toys.

Step 4. Make sure there’s no missing or extra pieces!

If you find pieces at home that belong to toys you have already returned, please place them in a ziplock bag or an envelope with your full name on it, and then put that package into one of your other toys. We’ll find it when we count your toys!

And always clean and count carefully before returning – we’ve been finding your own toy pieces and the old Click and Collect labels in the toy bags and boxes. We cannot guarantee that we can return extra items to the correct people, so please make sure there is nothing left in the bag or box other than the toy items listed.

Step 5: Staying safe, and collecting only during your allocated time

Keep an eye on the time – your toys will only be available during your allocated time, so don’t show up early as they won’t be ready. Bring a smart phone with you so that you can check in using the QR codes – this helps us comply with our COVID-Safe plan!

To help us all stay safe, if you are at all unwell, even if it’s only a sniffle, please do not visit the Toy Library, and take the time to test and rest instead. We can always help you rebook a new time to collect – just email us and let us know.

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