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Meet your 2020-21 MATL Committee

August 27, 2020

Say hello to your 2020-21 MATL Committee!

Say hello to your 2020-21 MATL Committee!

From top to bottom, left to right, we have:

  • Emma, Toy Purchasing Coordinator
  • Amanda, Newsletter Editor
  • Nicola, Secretary
  • Sheree, Session Coordinator
  • Zoe, Maternal Health Talks
  • Marianna, Treasurer
  • Megan, Session Coordinator
  • Renate, President
  • Sara, Grants Officer

Not in the screenshot but still on our Committee are Celine who is our new Toy Maintenance Officer, and General Committee members Helen and Gina who have both recently welcomed new babies to their families. Congratulations Helen and Gina!

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