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We are part of the 2021 Nappy Collective!

April 29, 2021

Bring your leftover nappies into us and we'll donate to the Nappy Collective May 2021 appeal.

Twice a year Nappy Collectives are run around Australia giving parents and caregivers the opportunity to collectively donate their leftover nappies to the families who need it most.

Nappy stress is the experience of families not having enough nappies to change their children as often as they need to. A family experiencing nappy stress is likely to cut back on other essentials like food in order to access nappies. It is estimated around 280,000 children in 150,000 families experience nappy stress in Australia. These children require approximately 430 million nappies per year.

We will have the collection box ready in the Library May 1st, all you need to do is bring in your nappies (can be opened packages) and pop them in!

Donating nappies means children are changed more often and are more settled. Parents report feeling grateful, relieved and more calm having the nappies they need. This in turn allows parents to afford to pay for other essential items, such as food and bills. Parents also report feeling more emotionally supported, which can help improve overall well being and confidence.

The nappies are distributed to community partners that support families in crisis or need, including women’s crisis shelters, respite services and community organisations that support disadvantaged families such as asylum seekers and refugees.

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